The mission of Foundation University is to provide education for the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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Bijlmerdreef 1289

1103 TV Amsterdam

The Netherlands

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OUR vision

Justice in higher education...

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inspired by article 26 of

the Universal Declaration of

Human Rights

 A M S T E R D A M   

tuition free education 

for the citizens of the developing world,

migrants with low income,

refugees ... through distance education

and other means


Foundation University equips the students to identify and address critical social and global issues such as corruption, gender inequality, poverty and racial discrimination in a manner that contributes to a just and caring societies.

Foundation University is a growing online Christian university with a mission to advance knowledge, promote teaching and research, and help society discover ways to overcome its most pressing problems. Foundation University graduate programs and courses are developed to stimulate social transformation by encouraging the students to identify and address critical social and global issues such as corruption, gender inequality, poverty and racial discrimination in a manner that contributes to a just and caring societies.

At Foundation University, education is limited neither by time nor space. It is an ongoing and restless search, one to which this University is dedicated. Foundation University offers hybrid education, this means we adapt our programs to the circumstances and situations of our students. Thus our programs are based on distance, online, and class based education. We use  both traditional and non-traditional methods which allow the students to study in their own pace, place and timing with guidance and mentorship of our volunteer faculty.

Foundation University makes education accessible for those who have never had the opportunity to experience higher education. It is fair education, It is small. We don’t have campuses and big classrooms. Our classrooms are  churches, homes, offices, internet cafes, even prisons. We use everything we can to transfer knowledge to those who cannot afford it, but have dreams to pursue it and the courage to use it for a better world. At the moment we do not claim to be the greatest online university, we do not have sufficient resources yet, but we hope that one day we become the Red Cross of education. Thus, Foundation University is a movement to promote self-education, self-mobilization around the world and justice in higher education: fair and equal distribution of knowledge worldwide.

On behalf of the University I invite you to join us on this journey for change.

Samuel Lee, Ph.D.

Founder & President


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Education is not a luxury for the rich and the powerful; education is a matter of human rights and human dignity!

Foundation University is located at second floor of the South East-building in Amsterdam.

Free download Humanity Divided

UN report - entitled Human Divided - this is a report on inequality between men and women. Download Here..

School of Social Justice  (Coming in 2015)

In 2015 Foundation University will start its fourth department: School of Social Justice. The school will offer certificate as well as Master program for students in the Netherlands. For more information email us at

Foundation University president receives the African Voice Achievers Award 2014

The Voice Magazine “Achievers Award 2014’ has proudly nominated and conferred on president of Foundation University, Dr. Samuel Lee as Outstanding Inspirational Award” winner 2014. Voice Achievers Award is the most prestigious award given for Africans in diaspora as well to those who have contributed to the well being of Africans around the world. This Award was bestowed on Dr. Lee at a ceremony on 17th October 2014 at the Van der Valk Hotel.

School of Divinity Ethiopia starts

in 2015

On November 12, Foundation University signed the necessary agreements to operate in Addis Ababa. Foundation University Ethiopia operates under Mr. Eremia Feleke and will start in 2015. For further information email

New Faculty

Foundation University School of Divinity welcomes Rev. Samuel John Ekpo (M.A.). Rev. Ekpo has Master of Arts,  in Systematic Theology and Philosophy of Religions from Radboud University Nijmegen – The Netherlands.